Easy Carbon Offsetting of your participation at the European Development Days 2013

As an exhibitors and organisers of events during the EDD 2013 you can make your choice, pay per creditcard and directly receive the Carbon Offset certificate. You can use this certificatie as a proof of this contribution to the EDD organisation, which must be provided at the time of online registration.

Carbon offset via┬áthe Gold Standard Paradigm Cooking Stoves project in Kenya. Climate Neutral Group supply you with an extra discount of 10% on the carbon price. So for the amount of money: ┬ámore ton CO2 offsetted, good for more cooking stoves and more families are supported. Without your help and investment this project isn’t possible.








Directly after you’re payment, you will receive via e-mail a certificate, confirming the amount of money and tons CO2 offsetted, and an invoice for your administration.

Gold Standard Paradigm Cooking Stoves project in Kenya.

The Paradigm Project aims to improve health and incomes through Kenya by reducing time and money spent buying fuel for household cooking. By replacing traditional cooking on an open fire with fuel efficient cookstoves, CO2 emissions are reduced and carbon credits generated. This in turn helps finance the project. Furthermore, the stoves also produce considerably less smoke and only need a fraction of fuel! If you want to read more, click here. Or see the movie!







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